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Total Commodities Ltd is a trading company based in London, specialising in recovered or redundant paper, plastic and metals.

The charts below show the various different types of paper and plastic we trade in, as well as the extensive types of stock lot products.

Total Commodities | Paper, Plastic and Metals Exporting
OCC Mixed Paper SOP
OIN OIP Multigrade
Scanboard Tissue Books
Plastic LDPE Bottles Other
99/1 PET Natural Acrylic
98/2 PET Jazz PVC
95/5 Mixed Bottles GPPS
90/10 HDPE
Agricultural Film
Stock Lot
Silicon Printed / Unprinted Paper
(Release Paper)
Tracing Paper
Insulated Paper / Film Printed Heat Transfer Paper
Hot Stamping Foil Used /
Self Adhesive Vinyl / Flex
Decor Laminate Base Paper Coffee Foil / Aluminum PE Foil
(Printed / Unprinted)
Colour Paper and Board Printed / Unprinted Poly
Coated Paper
BOPP Film / Polyester Film /
Holographic Film / PVC Film
Cast Coated Paper Used
(Leather Release Paper)
Granules (Pellets) and
Other Engineering Grades.
Metalized Paper
Tissue Paper Tyvek Paper
Non-Woven Fabric Stock
Self Adhesive Label Stock Aluminum Foil
Art Paper & Board Grease Proof Paper /
Parchment Paper
Wood-Free Paper Packaging Board
Playing Card Board And many more…
Thermal Paper
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